Quality standards at Horecaplus  

Sanitary standards

The production line at Horecaplus is fully automated and self-contained, applying the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. Employees must perform all personal hygiene, sterile equipment and sterilization before entering the operation.

All raw materials are tested quality control in strict compliance with technical and safety standards before being put into production.

Water filtration system R.O provides the production line scale as a pure water factory. Operation room is disinfected, sterile, temperature always maintained below 25oC.

The process of cutting, folding and packaging is controlled by fully programmable automatic robots with high accuracy and aesthetics.

Large warehouse systems, goods are arranged scientifically.

Quality & Safety

We always endeavor to find the source quality materials from reputable suppliers in domestic and abroad

Horecaplus products are always tested at reputable centers, ensuring health and safety for users.

Research and Development

Research  & Development is an important part of Horecaplus's business. We work with a number of experienced experts to develop new products, accelerate technology investments - improve productivity to optimize costs for our customers.

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