Trending of promoting brand image via each wet tissues.

Publisert: 05/31/2017 Updated: 08/11/2017

You are wondering how to make customers remember and impress more about your brand while saving maximum cost. The fact is that customers are so "boring" with informative leaflets, or businesses can not invest in "luxury" promotional footage.especially, enterprises who are working in the field of horeca such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, golf courses, bars, karaoke, coffee shop ... still want to promote the brand right on essential available products.

The current trend is being implemented by many companies from 5 star groups to small and medium enterprises to apply effectively is using wet tissues designed specifically to introduce and promote the brand.

When a customer uses a wet tissue, they can take it to another destination, or they can give it back to their friends when needed. Unintentionally, brand and message on the wet tissues is well known. Not only that, a wet tissue is designed elegantly can also show the respectful consideration to customers of bussinesses.

Mr. Hung (Transport Company, P.T): As more and more competitors are competing, we always have to find solutions to attract customers. Luckily, I've known Horecaplus wet tissue. Because of the hot weather season, customers often have to wait for the car to leave, so we took advantage of this when giving our customers a specially designed wet tissue with information of the company. As observed, customers often respond positively when given wet tissue. Through this campaign, our company is better known. Not only that, customers are more impressed with the company, often come back and continue to use our service. "

Ms. Huyen (manager of the family restaurant system): "As a restaurant, wet tissues are something that can not be missed. being assigned to order wet tissues for the restaurant system. After coming to Horecaplus, I was advised to put the paper napkin for the family restaurant system, which means printing contact information and specific motifs to help customers more impress about the restaurant. This is a good idea. Because customers not only use wet tissues at the restaurant but also bring them to use, that means they will indirectly advertise and introduce restaurants to others! "

Ms Ngoc, loyal customer of restaurant Din Ky, said: Since the wet tissue of restaurant was changed to a cool blue packaging, its quality was also better the old one, that make me believe in the restaurant's services, and also invited my friends to eat more. Because I believe in the investing and caring for the customers' health of the restaurant

No way to score points with customers by paying attention to the small needs, wet tissues are small, but greatly affect the decision of customers,so invest in a wet tissue for your brand. it helps confirm the value of service and promote brand name   effectively with maximum savings.

At Horecaplus, there is a creative designer team who are knowledgeable about marketing, creating a cool wet tissue packaging that matches the brand and business class. Not only help businesses affirm the value of services but also effective means of branding.

If you are also in need of a large number of wet tissues for companies, businesses, shops, eateries, Horecaplus is a high-end manufacturer of premium wet tissues.

When ordering at Horecaplus,customers will be free to get axis of copper for packaging, free design, samples, free advice and delivery within 48 hours.

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