The secret of more than 1 million Horeca businesses who can save 25-35% of the cost.

Publisert: 03/03/2017 Updated: 07/17/2017

Large roll toilet paper -  industrial toilet  paper  (Jumbo roll tissue paper) has been widely used in developed countries all over the world such as USA, Canada, EU, Korea, Japan, Singapore ... In Vietnam,if just a few years ago we saw only industrial paper used in large commercial centers and a few foreign-invested buildings, today it has become a trend  because of the convenience and cost savings for consumers, especially for  agencies such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals, industrial parks, export processing zones ... Even some housewives are happy to use this kind of toilet paper.

Businesses have confirmed that when they switch to use industrial toilet paper instead of conventional toilet paper, they save 25-35% compared to conventional small roll toilet paper. At the same time, quality and usability are superior. So what causes them such huge savings?

5 benefits when using large roll toilet paper save up to 25-35% cost

1. Optimum cost: The size of the large roll paper is more 700g than the ordinary paper rolls, rolls 700g is 220m long, 1kg is 310m which can save on packaging materials and paper cores that make to low the cost to maximum.

2. Efficient paper saving: Paper is placed in a large roll of toilet paper rolls with a reduction key which is not being stolen and not dropped onto the wet floor ,help not waste paper rolls. It saves more paper because there is less paper change and paper at the end of each roll

3. Save storage space and labor costs: Toilet paper rolls are generally bulky, occupying a large area but large rolls of industrial rolls are compressed tightly, storage and transportation becomes much easier. When using industrial paper, there are many positive benefits to the user such as the huge savings from hiring labor, the cost of time.

4. Elegant aesthetics: Industrial paper is placed in a paper box with a lock on the wall and is suitable for using in areas with a high level of toilet use. Helping the space of luxury toilets become neater, more luxurious and classier

5. Benefits to choose the right supplier: Looking to long-term cooperation with customers when using toilet roll toilet paper at,bussinesses will be 100% free public toilet paper container box correspondingly, free installation on demand and warranty within 12 months, free delivery 50km. When buying products at, all products are guaranteed genuine, the best price in the market because we distribute monopoly from reputable factories to consumers without intermediaries as distributors or reseller ...

Standard of large roll toilet paper at

Horecaplus supplies paper with a 100% primary ingredient from native Japanese closed plantations at Xuong Giang Factory (Vietnam's third paper mill). Therefore, the quality of natural white paper is soft,dust-free and free of bleach or additives harmful to the health of users.

Horecaplus always focus on QUALITY - PRICE - SERVICE and towards long-term cooperation with customers.When using toilet paper rolls at, business will be sponsored 100% free paper container boxes, free installation on demands and warranty within 12 months, free delivery in  50km. When buying products at, all products are guaranteed genuine, the best price in the market because we distribute monopoly from reputable factories to consumers without intermediaries as distributors, reseller ...

Horecaplus is known as a supplier of essential products for businesses operating in the field of Horeca in Vietnam such as wet tissue, large roll toilet paper - boxes for industrial paper, napkins, paper towels - wall paper box, small toilet paper, bath shampoo, shower gel, hand milk, garbage bags, plastic bags from reputable brands . Distinction from other suppliers is that Horecaplus also produce products, print logos, packaging design as required by each customer such as: company, trading center, cafe, karaoke, restaurant, Hotels, resorts, golf courses, gyms, spas. We are always appreciated by our customers for the professionalism and long-term partners.

Need more information, please call hotline: 0909860599 for detailed advice. In particular, we will deliver the sample designed at the request of customers for free.


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