The maximum size garbage bag- the best solution to no longer overload for the restaurant

Publisert: 06/09/2017 Updated: 09/06/2017

The waste of goods with many sharp bones, food left over from food, water ... need to have dedicated garbage bags to prevent punctures, water spills, odors ... but you do not always look for quality garbage bags.

The waste of factories, industrial parks, factories, hotels, commercial centers will usually be much, ... Especially waste of the restaurant contains many solids, which are easy to puncture garbage bags. Therefore, large garbage bags must ensure the toughness, thickness, hard to be punctured - in order to meet the needs of using.

Big garbage bags contain a large amount of waste that saves labor time.

Every day,you are headache as there's  too much garbage do not know where to put it all. But it's different now because the big garbage bag is available for restaurants that can store large quantities of solid waste or leaked water.

The standard size of the garbage bags for the restaurant is 90x120cm, to match the garbage can in the market.

Big garbage bags for restaurant have to excel in terms of durability.

Have you ever had a headache looking for trash bags for your restaurant, as it can not contain as much, as well as being torn when carrying bones or other sharp objects, or even bottoms were punctured? Food and foul odors pollute the area ... ?You would love to have a higher durability garbage bag , larger size, can be stored in large quantities especially not to be punctured by the solid waste of the restaurant. The appearance of the largest garbage bag to save you now

To save money, use the maximum size garbage bags.

Big garbage bags are trusted by many people, with large size for large quantities, you do not have to waste time to relpace rubbish bags as small bags. besides  labor saving, it also saves the cost of buying a lot of small trash bags, while limiting waste nylon bags to protect the environment

Túi rác của Horecaplus với thiết kế đáy chắc chắn, chống rò rỉ nước cũng như rác bẩn khi di chuyển

At Horecaplus, we provide the maximum size black garbage bag, roll trash bags, dedicated garbage bags for restaurants which made of durable PE, tough fibers, thickness from 5.5 to 7 zem produced by each customer's demand. The product is manufactured on a modern line, with solid bottom design, water resistance as well as leaking  on the move ... so the customers of horecaplus are always satisfied.

Customers need advice please call hotline: 0909860599 for detailed advice. In particular, we will deliver the sample designed as your request free of charge

Horecaplus is known as a supplier of essential products for businesses operating in the field of Horeca in Vietnam such as wet tissue, large roll toilet paper - boxes for industrial paper, napkins, paper towels - wall paper box, small toilet paper, bath shampoo, shower gel, hand milk, garbage bags, plastic bags from reputable brands . Distinction from other suppliers is that Horecaplus also produce products, print logos, packaging design as required by each customer such as: company, trading center, cafe, karaoke, restaurant, Hotels, resorts, golf courses, gyms, spas. We are always appreciated by our customers for the professionalism and long-term partners.


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