Standards for choosing company to supply big roll industrial toilet paper

Publisert: 12/19/2017 Updated: 01/06/2018

You are looking for a reputable supplier for big roll industrial toilet paper, but get difficulty in choosing because of too many units. The following article will assist you with the most essential information.

Toilet paper is a convenient product, present in many places in our lives. The growing number of buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals, and so on.....makes demands  for big roll toilet paper increase bec As a result, entrepreneurs have flocked to invest and develop this commodity with  large and small rolls of industrial toilet paper, along with a variety of designs and flavor to help consumers have more choicesause of its usability and suitability.

However, that has created confusion in the selection of suppliers for high quality and prestigious roll toilet paper.

so, to have a right selection, the users need to base on the basic rules below:

1. Quality of toilet paper

This is the most important factor when choosing any product. Good quality or not shown in the composition: paper produced from natural pulp will be naturally white, soft smooth, dust free. The recycled paper will not be white, unevenly colored and there are small black spots, some manufacturers use bleach chemicals to make the paper look brighter. However, if using these bleach chemicals, paper will dry, hard and dust ... This affects the health of users.

2. Professional production process

Toilet paper must be produced in a closed, professional process. Paper must be made from natural ingredients and ingredients, without using chemicals or toxic chemicals to ensure quality products and protect the health of users.

Therefore, to choose a reputable toilet paper manufacturer, consumers need to consider carefully to give their best choice. By the way , you can refer Horecaplus toilet paper products as one of the supply units are receiving the trust of numerous consumers and businesses.

Looking to long-term cooperation with customers when using toilet roll toilet paper at,bussinesses will be 100% free public toilet paper container box correspondingly, free installation on demand and warranty within 12 months, free delivery 50km. When buying products at, all products are guaranteed genuine, the best price in the market because we distribute monopoly from reputable factories to consumers without intermediaries as distributors or reseller ...

Horecaplus supplies paper with a 100% primary ingredient from native Japanese closed plantations at Xuong Giang Factory (Vietnam's third paper mill). Therefore, the quality of natural white paper is soft,dust-free and free of bleach or additives harmful to the health of users.

Horecaplus is known as a supplier of essential products for businesses operating in the field of Horeca in Vietnam such as wet tissue, large roll toilet paper - boxes for industrial paper, napkins, paper towels - wall paper box, small toilet paper, bath shampoo, shower gel, hand milk, garbage bags, plastic bags from reputable brands . Distinction from other suppliers is that Horecaplus also produce products, print logos, packaging design as required by each customer such as: company, trading center, cafe, karaoke, restaurant, Hotels, resorts, golf courses, gyms, spas. We are always appreciated by our customers for the professionalism and long-term partners.

Need more information, please call hotline: 0909860599 for detailed advice. In particular, we will deliver the sample designed at the request of customers for free.


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