Should napkin for the restaurant be choosen paper or fabric?

Publisert: 06/07/2017 Updated: 07/27/2017

You want to buy napkin for your restaurant but do not know what kind, paper or fabric? read below now to get the right solution!

Napkins are an indispensable item on every table in a restaurant, as well as for decorating. So the use of napkins should have a good quality, seam must be subtle and style must be beautiful. So choosing a reputable company to provide quality napkins is essential.

The most important thing that the restaurant is interested in choosing napkin is its durability. Because napkins have to be washed regularly so that the parties are always clean and fragrant when used by customers. Besides, the napkin also has decorative features to make the table more beautiful and professional. Therefore, when choosing a napkin supplier, you need to choose reputable places, trusted by many people.

However, it is up to the characteristic of the party to choose a suitable napkin. Polyester fabrics are the best material because they are not creased when used, and in particular they do not keep dirty trace.

For the luxurious places such as restaurants, resorts, the choice of napkins with high-grade materials will add elegance and sophistication to the table party space.

Besides the parties at the restaurants, napkins are also used in wedding occasions ... With napkin colors are folded in a funny shape will create romantic space, attracted to the party.

It was the napkin which could help you be successful in affirming your position in  customers.these your simple thoughts may achieve the customers and help them stay for long.

However,it takes time and effort to do the washing regularly . Besides that,these items are re-used many times makes the customers feel afraid to use directly, so most napkin is used as a cover so that food does not crown dress. Consequently, restaurants will replace or use napkin paper additionally.

Khăn giấy ăn Napkin tiện dụng đồng thời quảng bá thương hiệu một cách dễ dàng

The use of  Napkin is not only hygienic because it is only used once, not re-used, so the user feel safer,above that, the restaurant  does not waste time to do the laundry but also fold and decorate quicker and easier

At Horecaplus,napkins are produced on modern Japanese production lines, 100% ingredients from the powder ensure the health of the health. Therefore, the quality of natural is white, soft, smooth, dust-free, does not contain bleach or additives that harm the health of users. At the same time,we have a logo printing service on each napkin so that the business can synchronize the brand identity system. Call 0909860599 for detailed advice, especially we will deliver samples designed to meet the requirements of customers free of charge.


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