Foody business services should be cautious with cheap wet tissues

Publisert: 05/30/2017 Updated: 07/17/2017

If you are planning to use cheap wet tissues to save money on your foody stores, be cautious because just a little misleading but will affect your brand and sales. See the information below before making the decision to choose the best wet tissues.

1. Cheap wet tissues have less attractive design, not professional

Currently, there are many types of wet tissue paper in the market with different styles and designs.Among these,there are many cheap wet tissues designed less attracted, not professional such as smudge printing, thin packaging,dry tissue paper make users feel uncomfortable, ...

Therefore, the prices of these are also much cheaper than the high-grade wet tissues on the market. But because of the cost savings that some small restaurants have chosen cheap wet tissues without knowing that they are quite toxic and reduce the reputation of their own.

2. Cheap wet tissues are mostly recycled, affecting the health of consumers

As we know  "you get what you pay for", so those wet tissue papers are too cheap with the general market usually don't have good and safe quality

Most low-grade wet tissue paper will be recycled several times. After using, it will be collected, bleached and deodorized with "fragrance" chemicals. Therefore, if it is used more,it will be very dangerous to the skin of the user. In addition, when wet tissue paper exposed hands which are then hand-eaten directly, will seriously affect the health of the customers, especially children.

3. Choose wet tissues with wholesale price instead of cheap wet tissues

However,in doing business, whenever we invest in any materials, we all care about  benefits. The cheaper the price, the more people are interested. Cheap wet tissues are too, they are floating on the market today with quite high consumption, sometimes even higher than premium wet tissues.

But, to protect the health of users as well as create prestige and brand yourself, instead of buying cheap wet tissues to save money, we recommend to pay attention to premium wet tissues with wholesale price

According to the economic problem, when you buy cheap wet tisssues which are mostly pre-printed packaging, but with the wholesale price premium wet tissues , you can choose the packaging and the message printed on it for free. That's not only create professionalism but also help PR brand effective! And when you buy in bulk,you still get a surprising deal!

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