Advertising the brand by napkin, why not?

Publisert: 06/17/2017 Updated: 07/29/2017

Recent reality shows that in Vietnam there are many companies, restaurants, hotels ... started to think of printing the logo, company name on the surface of napkin, to have decorative effect, synchronization brand identity system ...both serves the needs of employees and customers. From a normal napkin, now it is upgraded to a "uniform", has created a lot of enjoyment. It can be said that this is a good way to spread the brand quickly with low cost.

You may have no strange with the convenience of fast absorption napkin, "kill down" the tea stain, coffee may fall to the table. Comfortable napkin is gradually transforming into a way to identify brand .

At present, it can be said that : in the market, there are many types of napkin from high to low, from wet to dry but most people love napkin because of its simplicity and  convenience. Products are popular in the company offices, restaurants, restaurants ...they can be seen everywhere

giấy ăn được in logo thương hiệu riêng cho từng khách hàng

When you print your logo, name or address on the napkin,it will impress your customers strongerly.With unique images,users will increasingly be attracted and motivated to take back and share with friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, ... so unknowingly your brand is transmitted, spreaded and recorded.

The more they talk about the paper napkin that prints your image, the more curious customers will come to you. This is the "herd effect" that famous marketers in the world often use.

Giấy ăn chất lượng cao, thể hiện sự tôn trọng khách hàng, nâng tầm thương hiệu.

As you see, just from a simple piece of paper,it has gradually turned into a great brand PR tool. But besides printing, you also need to choose products with good quality to avoid smudging, keep ink longer when being used by the customer as well as to ensure the safety and hygiene

So, you need a quality supplier who can ensure the smooth, high absorbency, long lasting and good ink storage to be as your partner. Make sure you do not want your photos, logos or company names, restaurants smudged and ugly in the eyes of customers.

At horecaplus,we supply high quality napkin made from 100% raw materials, especially customers are always happy with the service of printing logo on each sheet of napkin which shows the professional adjustment for customers.

Need more information, please call hotline: 0909860599 for detailed advice. In particular, we will deliver the sample designed at the request of customers for free.

Horecaplus is known as a supplier of essential products for businesses operating in the field of Horeca in Vietnam such as wet tissue, large roll toilet paper - boxes for industrial paper, napkins, paper towels - wall paper box, small toilet paper, bath shampoo, shower gel, hand milk, garbage bags, plastic bags from reputable brands . Distinction from other suppliers is that Horecaplus also produce products, print logos, packaging design as required by each customer such as: company, trading center, cafe, karaoke, restaurant, Hotels, resorts, golf courses, gyms, spas. We are always appreciated by our customers for the professionalism and long-term partners.


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