About Horeca plus

Derived from traditional wet tissue manufacturer combines with advanced technology and highly specialized technical staff, Horecaplus was  born to elevate Vietnam Horeca  as a vendor who provides necessities for businesses operating in the field of Horeca.

As a pioneer in the Vietnamese market, Horecaplus offers high quality wet tissue with  special packaging designed to carry the brand of each customer.

The Horecaplus products offered including: premium wet tissue, handkerchief , face wipes, industrial toilet paper and other household paper. There are also products such as: hand sanitizer milk, shampoo - shower gel (produced in can), rubber gloves, paper cups, garbage plastic - nylon bags, sanitary items, paper container boxes ...

Different from ordinary suppliers of goods and services, we always focus on QUALITY, PRICE AND SERVICE.

Quality & Safety

We always strive to find quality materials from reputable suppliers in the world. We are proud of being the first manufacturer of wet tissue in Vietnam invested closed production system according to GMP standards, applying management system ISO 9001: 2008. Water filtration system R.O provides the production line scale as a pure water factory. Operation room is disinfected, sterile, temperature always maintained below 25oC.

Products are tested in prestigious centers. The laboratories in the testing units meet the ISO / EC 17025 (International Standard for Requirements to Assure Laboratory Capacity and Calibration) to ensure products safely and compliance International standards.

Research and Development

Research  and Development is an important part of Horecaplus's business. We cooperate with many experts all around the world to develop new products, new packaging, promote technology investments - improve productivity to optimize costs for customers.

Creative design on demands.

At Horecaplus, we have creative design team who are knowledgeable about marketing, create aesthetically pleasing packaging which is suitable for the brand and business sector. Not only help businesses affirm the value of services but also effective means of branding.

Order directly at the Website - Deliver the sample at home.

Understanding the difficulty of the business when dealing with suppliers,we designed a program which  deliver free samples at home - support ordering directly at the website through e-commerce horecaplus.vn. Due to the integration of technology to save time and money, we are always supported and appreciated by our customers.

Full-service package

Not only put the duty of health care consumers to the top, Horecaplus we also pay attention to the valuable benefits that enterprises bring. Therefore, Horecaplus's full-service package is always appreciated by experts for the professionalism and convenience.

With a whole set of effective products and services, Horecaplus wishes to give the maximum support enterprises to branding and devoting all the affection and support by  customers.

Value-added service

At Horecaplus, we always understand the cost of the business so we always create practical services for customers such as: Free delivery in Ho Chi Minh City, gift boxes when buying industrial paper, give bottle when you buy shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer milk (up to 5 liters),  free design, sample, printing equipment, ... and annual gratitude events.

Realizing the responsibility and mission of the business, with the investment seriously, Horecaplus we are committed to providing high quality, safe and healthy products to our users with the slogan "A companion with Horeca Vietnam".


CUSTOMER SERVICE                                          (+84) 3849 5412 - (+84)909 46 93 99
ORDER VIA PHONE: 0909 860 599

Monday - 6: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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